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Acrylic Bonding White 45 g

Acrylic Bonding White 45 g

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Cuccio Professional Powder is crafted using cutting-edge technology that employs an ultra triple sifting process.
This advanced technique ensures that the polymer is finely refined and micro-sized, resulting in a powder that is exceptionally easy to sculpt with and completely free of bubbles.

Our powder features patented optical enhancers, enhancing transparency and clarity for a distinctively clearer finished nail.
With unique color control properties, the color is securely locked in, offering exceptional control and depth.

The polymer provides impeccable pick-up and seamless blending, facilitating the creation of beautifully sculpted nails with ease.
Achieve a super high-shine finish effortlessly, with minimal filing, saving technicians both time and money.

With self-leveling properties, no risk of lifting, non-yellowing attributes, increased durability, added strength, and enhanced color clarity, our powder sets the standard for excellence in nail enhancement.
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