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Brush-On Builder Gel with Calcium LED/UV Sassy Pink 75ml

Brush-On Builder Gel with Calcium LED/UV Sassy Pink 75ml

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Cuccio Pro Brush-on Colour Builder Gel is a builder gel formulated in an easy-to-use brush-on formula,
resembling the application of soak-off gel polish while delivering the strength of hard gel.

Our Brush-on Builder Gel seamlessly combines the user-friendly application and removal of Soak Off Gel with the resilience of hard gel.
This LED/UV gel formula aids in fortifying the natural nail.

Key Features:

1. LED/UV Self-leveling lightweight formula.
2. Convenient brush-on application for effortless use.
3. Reinforces, builds, and extends natural nails.
4. Ergonomic brush design ensures optimal control, featuring medium-length bristles for an ideal brush-to-product ratio.
5. Odorless, promoting a safer salon environment.
6. Superior adhesion technology for durable bonds.
7. Ideal for strengthening weak, fragile, and brittle nails during wear.
8. Application time: 25 minutes for fill / 40 minutes for a full set.
9. Easy removal process.
10. Versatile application across all Cuccio products.
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