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Butter Babies Milk & Honey 42 g

Butter Babies Milk & Honey 42 g

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Introducing Cuccio Naturale's Milk & Honey Baby Mini Butter in a convenient 42 g size. Renowned worldwide and honored with numerous industry awards, our Butters are celebrated for their unmatched quality and performance.

Experience intense hydration without the greasy feel with our non-oily formula, delivering silky smooth skin that feels luxurious to the touch.
Not only is this Mini Butter a fantastic treatment product, but it's also an essential retail item that your clients will love to take home.

Our patented formula ensures continuous moisturization, releasing emollients every 2 hours for 24-hour hydration, providing 10 times the moisturizing power of lotions. 

Infused with the soothing aroma of Milk & Honey, our Butter Blend provides a calming and moisturizing experience like no other.
Honey extract, a natural humectant, works its magic by deeply moisturizing and infusing vital nutrients into your skin, while the comforting scent of Milk and Honey enhances the overall sensory experience.

How to use: Simply apply to your hands, feet, or body and massage for a truly indulgent experience that leaves your skin feeling pampered
and revitalized.

Convenient 42g travel and handbag size for on-the-go hydration.

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