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Flex Clear 28 g

Flex Clear 28 g

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Introducing the latest state-of-the-art technology in nail application, offering enhanced flexibility, strength, and durability for natural nails, as well as facilitating the creation of nail extensions.
This cutting-edge gel introduces a new category known as FLEX, bridging the gap between controlled gels and self-leveling alternatives.

- Boasts improved viscosity and elasticity
- Enables quick and easy application
- Provides lasting, lightweight, and flexible results
- Effectively conceals fill lines and is excellent for sculpting
- Particularly beneficial for short nail beds, allowing the creation of long, slender French nails
- Ideal for camouflaging regrowth
- Requires curing exclusively in LED/UV lamps
- Compatible with both tips and forms
- Guarantees no yellowing
- Ensures no lifting, chipping, or cracking occurs

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