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Gel Master Brush Kit

Gel Master Brush Kit

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The Master Tech Premium LED Gel Brush Set is a comprehensive collection tailored for use with our cutting-edge T3 LED/UV Controlled Levelling Extra Thick viscosity hard gels.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this kit features a dual-sided metal handle for optimal functionality.
Each brush head effortlessly screws onto either side of the handle: one side expertly applies the gel product, while the other side seamlessly tidies around the cuticles.

Say goodbye to the hassle of dropping and switching brushes for each nail. With our innovative design, simply flip the brush to the alternate side and continue your work uninterrupted.

Included in the Master Tech LED Brush Set:

- Square Sculpting Brush: Engineered to flawlessly construct impeccable gel nails.
- Oval Sculpting/Building Brush: Ideal for sculpting and crafting French lines with precision.
- Pointed Detailing Brush: Featuring a pin-point tip for intricate designs and precise French lines.
- Round Sculpting Brush: Ergonomically designed for effortless application on smaller nails.
- 4 Metal Brush Covers for added protection and longevity.
- 1 Chemical Resistant Dual-sided Metal Brush Handle for durable and reliable performance.
- Padded Storage Case for convenient organization and transport.

Notably, our brushes boast new TACKLON bristles, ensuring superior performance and longevity.
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