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LED/UV Dip Gel Starter Kit

LED/UV Dip Gel Starter Kit

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The Dip Gel system offers an innovative approach as an LED/UV curable soak-off gel base, specifically crafted to synergize with the
porous composition of dip powders.

Here are its key features:

- An alternative to conventional cyanoacrylates (glues) and activators commonly found in dip systems.
- Streamlined process requiring fewer steps, minimal filing, and simplified removal.
- Compatible with Cuccio Veneer Peel It Pre Base for enhanced performance.
- Introducing our latest addition, the No Cleanse Topcoat, designed to work seamlessly with Dip Powder, Hard Gels, Gel Polish, and soak-off gels.
- Tailored for use with our Powder Polish acrylic dipping powders.

Kit Contents:

1. 1 x 14ml Bonder
2. 1 x 14ml LED/UV Dip Gel
3. 1 x 14ml LED/UV No Cleanse Top Coat
4. 1 x 14g (0.5oz) Bright Pink Powder Polish Dipping Powder
5. +1 x 14g (0.5oz) Candy Apple Red Powder Polish Dipping Powder
Bonus: Receive a complimentary Max Pro Mini USB Powered LED Curing Lamp.
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