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Nail Lacquer Polish Thinner 118 ml

Nail Lacquer Polish Thinner 118 ml

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Cuccio Colour Professional Nail Lacquer Thinner, a professional-grade solution designed to restore nail polish to its original consistency.

Key Features:

1. Restores thickened nail lacquer, preventing the need to discard old polish.
2. Quick and easy to use, saving time and resources.
3. Each bottle contains 4oz (118ml) of lacquer thinner.


- Add a few drops of thinner to thickened nail lacquer.
- Shake the bottle well to ensure thorough mixing.
- Test the lacquer on a nail to gauge the consistency.
- If necessary, add more thinner until the lacquer returns to its original consistency.
- Recommended maximum use of thinner is two times per bottle of lacquer.
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