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No Cleanse Top Coat 118 ml

No Cleanse Top Coat 118 ml

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No Cleanse Top Coat, a versatile solution designed to deliver a stunning, durable finish without the sticky layer.
This top coat can be applied over a variety of nail products, including soak-off gel polish, hard gels, dip powders, builder gels, and acrylic,
without the risk of micro shattering.

Features & Benefits:

1. LED/UV Curable: Cures in just 1 minute under LED or 2 minutes under UV light.
2. Color Resistant: Maintains the vibrancy of nail colors without fading.
3. High Shine: Provides a gorgeous, glossy finish.
4. No Sticky Layer: Eliminates the need for wiping off any residue after curing.
5. Works with all Cuccio Products: Compatible with a wide range of nail enhancement products from Cuccio.
6. Made in the USA: Ensures high-quality manufacturing standards.
7. Requires a LED/UV lamp for curing (not included).
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