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Peelable Gel Polish - Pre Base 13 ml

Peelable Gel Polish - Pre Base 13 ml

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Introducing our innovative Pre Base - Peel It, a game-changer in gel polish removal methods.
Say goodbye to the hassle of soaking off gel polish with acetone, and welcome a revolutionary solution that transforms your soak-off gel into a peelable polish.

With Peel It Pre Base, there's no need for soaking or tedious filing, minimizing the risk of damage to natural nails.
This groundbreaking product protects nails from potential damage caused by traditional soak-off methods, offering a healthier alternative for gel removal.

For optimal results, pair Peel It Pre Base with the Cuccio Veneer Soak Off Gel System. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Peel It Pre Base,
revolutionizing your gel polish removal process.
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