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Powder Polish Heatwave Collection

Powder Polish Heatwave Collection

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Offering a new way of creating effortlessly beautiful manicures. The Cuccio Pro Dip Powder Polishes offer a maximum-strength finish which strengthens your natural nails!
Protects your natural nails from breaking and give them a highly pigmented finish in minutes and feels lightweight and comfortable on the nails.
Not only do the Cuccio Pro Dip Powder Polishes offer a bright pigment, but they are fully customisable too.

Each of the Cuccio Pro Dip Powders can be mixed and blended together to allow you to achieve a nail polish colour that suits you.
Formulated with a blend of resins and a professional-quality activator which produce a rich colour and does not require any acrylic liquids.

- Versatile and easy to use, the Cuccio Pro Dip Powder Polishes can be used over natural nails or for nail extension manicures.
- When applied over nail tips, the Cuccio Pro Dip Powder Polish strengthens your manicure and offers a long wear of up to 21 days!
- The high-quality formula of the Cuccio Pro Dip Powders allows you to complete a manicure quicker than before!
- With the Cuccio Pro Dip Powder Polish, you can have a new mani in less than 20 minutes!

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Colour Dip System Kit Includes:

Pro Powder Polish System Starter Kit.
Heatwave Collection Pro Powder Kit.

Heatwave Collection Includes
Seriously Celsius - A bright neon yellow, 14g.
Aquaholic - A cool teal blue, 14g.
Don't Get Tide Down - A bold fuchsia pink, 14g.
Hot Thang - A warm bubbly pink, 14g.
Paradise Found - A pastel pink, 14g.
Water You Doing? - A warm elegant purple, 14g.
Mercury Rising - A bright grape purple, 14g.
Lifes Not Fahrenheit - A red with an orange undertone, 14g.
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