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Powder Polish Red Handed Collection

Powder Polish Red Handed Collection

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Only suitable for the powder polish dipping system.
The dipping powder is a highly pigmented powder which is a finely milled powder.
It works with a formulated resin and state of the art activator, which helps produce a strong, durable finish with a flawless rich colour.
There are no initiators , which means it will not cure with acrylic liquid and can only be used with the powder polish and the brush on activator.

Red Handed Collection includes:

Pink With Silver Glitter (5600-5) - A sparkling pink with silver glitter 14 gr.
Black With Red Glitter (5611-5) - A elegant black with sparkling red glitter 14 gr.
Strawberry Red (5582-5) - A dark tone strawberry red 14 gr.
Cherry Red (5579-5) -A warm tone cherry red.
Coral With Peach Undertones (5542-5) -A hot summer orange 14 gr.
Candy Apple Red (CPDA2221) - A warm candy apple red 14 gr.
Dusty Rose (5603-5) - A dusty rose pink 14 gr.
Deep Rose (5522-5) - A dark tone deep rose 14 gr.
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