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Powder Polish Treatment Step 2+4 Nail Base & Top Gel 14 ml

Powder Polish Treatment Step 2+4 Nail Base & Top Gel 14 ml

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Ultra thick, 2-in-1 cushion based Top & Basecoat creates the ultimate foundation for a smooth surface and protective topcoat layer all in the same formula.

Main Benefits of this system:

- Strength – produces a much stronger, harder wearing finish than gel polish
- Odur Free – because the system utilises adhesive rather than acrylic monomer
- Lightweight – the end result is a very natural looking, thin nail with all the benefits of the strength of acrylic
- Colour – vibrant colours – choose from pastels, brights, glitters, or French manicure – or apply just clear or original pink for a very natural look
- Personalisation – the coloured powders can be mixed to create hundreds of shades – match to your client’s exact requirements
- Versatile – can be applied over natural nails or short nail tips
- Easy to apply – the system is incredibly easy to apply
- Speed – a full set can be applied in 20-25 minutes – this means more profit for you as more sets can be applied in a working day
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