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Revitalizing Cuticle Oil Wheat Germ 15 ml

Revitalizing Cuticle Oil Wheat Germ 15 ml

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Wheat Germ Revitalizing Cuticle Oil for Happy, Healthy, Hydrated Hands!

Transform your cuticles back to health with our Wheat Germ blend. This formula is rich in antioxidants and healing properties, providing essential nourishment to your nails and surrounding skin. Enriched with Panthenol and Vitamin B-5, our oil replenishes and delivers vital vitamins and nutrients directly to the nail matrix through the cuticle, promoting strong and healthy nail growth from the base.

How To Use: Apply one drop to each cuticle and massage gently. Can be used daily.

Cuccio Naturale Revitalizing Cuticle Oil
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