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Somatology Sani Spray Cleanser

Somatology Sani Spray Cleanser

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UNIQUE, NATURAL DISINFECTANT FORMULA; An integral part of the Cuccio Cleansing Ritual, the Sani Spray is a quick-cleansing, refreshing spray that instantly wipes away oils, dirt, sweat, and odor while improving the overall smell of your yoga mat.

YOUR SOLUTION FOR A PRISTINE, CLEAN MAT; Cleaning is easier than ever with our essential secret sanitizing ingredient; Mastiha, a gentle, environmentally-friendly disinfectant cleaner, naturally wipes away dirt without damaging your mat's surface.

A CLEAN MAT THAT LASTS FOREVER; Complete your exercise routine with this naturally cleansing refresher spritz that extends the life of your yoga or gym mat with post-workout use, helping you keep your equipment’s quality feeling good as new.

PACK IN THE PLANT POWER; This chemical and paraben free polish is infused with honest plant cleansers like Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus, and Aloe Vera, deodorizing ingredients that attack dirt on your mat and leave a refreshing, aromatherapy scent behind.

YOUR ULTIMATE WELLNESS ROUTINE; As one of the World’s fastest-growing, woman-owned beauty businesses, Cuccio Somatology’s vision is to define modern day wellness, by delivering highly curated, innovative products to self care lovers everywhere.

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