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White Sterilization Tray

White Sterilization Tray

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With its simple design, this Beauty implement sterilization tray is easy to use. Simply place your manicure tools inside and pour in some alcohol to sterilize them.

A great way to keep your manicure tools clean and hygienic. By sterilizing your tools after each use, you can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

The Sterilizing Tray is the perfect size to leave on individual stations or desks. This easy to clean tray allows for complete submersion of nail tool implements, and more.


Disinfect implements (manicure, pedicure and skin care), shears, combs and non-porous files
Prevents tools from damage during sterilization
The inside basket raises and lowers when the top cover opens, leaving the hands dry
The tray can be used for low to high-level chemical solutions
Easy to change the solution
Less sterilizing solution is needed to completely immerse tools
Small and compact making it perfect to use in all areas of the salon or spa
Made of high-quality plastic, this disinfection box is built to last.
7½” x 3”
The implements inside the box are sold separately.
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